Welcome to DASHBOARDS.ORG, a no-ego zone for learning about business intelligence dashboards. Here you’ll find information, examples, research, templates and other helpful resources to help you with your business intelligence project.

The easiest way to learn about enterprise dashboards is by studying examples. By sharing and exchanging dashboard designs, KPIs and metrics, user documentation and training approaches, we can accelerate our learning curve and start implementing successful business intelligence projects.

Template for Dashboard

Most popular dashboard resource: Click to Get this Free Dashboard HTML Template to use in your digital dashboard.

Regardless of the specific dashboard technology you use, the business intelligence focus you specialize in, or your business analytics goals, you’ll find something helpful from others struggling with similar issues.

Whether you’re a business analyst, BI developer, user interface designer, project manager or business sponsor, this is the place to connect with others and learn about Business Intelligence in a jargon-free, no B.S. manner.


The Dashboard Spy

Hubert Lee, The Dashboard Spy

The DASHBOARDS.ORG project is spearheaded by Hubert Lee, AKA The Dashboard Spy. Known for cheerleading the role of dashboards as the ultimate “face of business intelligence”, Hubert has shepherded many successful enterprise dashboard projects in major organizations around the world. Hubert is proud of his unique collection of business dashboard screenshots. Submitted by dashboarders across a variety of business verticals, this collection shows the amazing range of possible metrics, key performance indicators and user interface layouts in use today.


We know that you and your team have worked hard and learned much during the planning, designing, implementation and support phases of your project. Whether it’s a dashboard project, a business process tuning or any other project related to our space, we want you to share what you’ve learned with us. Maybe you just want to share a screenshot of a new enterprise report or a nifty user interface that you worked so hard on. We invite you to sign up for an author’s account here at Dashboards.ORG and tell the world about your business intelligence project. Please provide plenty of screenshots and lessons learned. Our readers want all the gory details about difficult database issues and unhappy developers! Send an email to h u b e r t 3 2 1 @ g m a i l . c o m detailing what you want to write about.